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The institute has separate power connection of 18.5 KW load in the name of institute. DG set is installed in the institute campus which ensures continuous power supply in case of power failures.  The administrative area and IT Lab has backup with Un-interrupted Power Supply by UPS inverter. The DG set is installed from opening of institute and it is regularly maintained so as to provide proper service as and when required. Capacity of the DG set is 15 KVA with KIRLOSKAR engine coupled with KIRLOSKAR GREEN alternator with standard control panel. Our future plan is to install 15 KVA roof top solar power generation system to promote green energy.


Connection Details:-


1. Electrical Connection issued in the name of    Gurukul Pvt ITI

2. Latest Electricity bill 

3. Trade:- Electrician

4. Maximum no. of unit in one shift:- 4

5. Power supply required in KW 10.40 KW                             

6. Power supply available in the Institute is 18.5 KW